1906 Cuttyhunk "Hole in the Wall" Cyanotype Real Photo Post Card

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Lots embedded in this cyanotype rppc, sent  from a "Lizzie" in Cuttyhunk to Frank Slocum of South Westport, MA in 1906. It seems sure that Slocum was a descendent of Peleg Slocum, the Quaker from Portsmouth, RI who bought the island of Cuttyhunk in 1693 and whose family continued to live on it for many generations. One does wonder what all is going on inside the “hole in the wall" pictured, which it looks like someone is entering with alacrity, perhaps to evade the two suited men following on his heels?! Lizzie hand-wrote notes in pencil (great lettering!) on either side—at right,  “is this you going in the door?” and at left, “How we miss Obed” (which sounds to me rather like “how we mis(dis)obeyed!) but also was a traditional name in these parts. Makes me think this might be the island brothel? Or at least the local watering hole? Lots of crates and who knows what all littering the side of the path, water to the right, and a stone wall running up the hill. Wonderful blue inked text at center, written directly on the card. Cuttyhunk Island is the outmost of the Elizabeth islands in MA, arguably the first English settlement in New England, presently with a year round population of a dozen or so!

3 1/2" x 5 7/16" and in good condition, with a little toning and a bit of postmark ink smudge.