1902 Ledger with Drawing of Distressed Girl!

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This ledger is not beautiful--it's lost its cover, the paper is fairly brittle, and it's filled only here and there--but how could I not save this drawing from the recycling bin??? I'm not exactly sure what is written at the top of that page--perhaps Irene T___?--but what a face on this one. Otherwise, among the notes in the ledger is a first draft of the services for its owner's "Bill Pasting Co" in Manchester, NY (including bill pasting, bill distributing, and sign tacking); a list of businesses around the country and what they produced (including Moxie Nerve Food Co. Boston, MA); a few recipes for making paint; and some notes about having made the acquaintance of "a very highly accomplished and beautiful young lady" from Humbolt, IL, who I might guess went on to become his wife! I didn't want to do it myself, but certainly the drawing could be removed and I would hope framed immediately! 

11 1/2" x 4 3/4" and about 40 pages, maybe 20% used.