Large 1901 Dark Blue Velvet Heart Shaped Emery with Hanging Loop

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From one side this large antique heart shaped velvet emery/pin cushion (definitely it is filled with emery powder, sand-like in density and used from sharpening pins and needles) looks almost black (a black heart), but from the other true blue. The near-black side clearly once showed a message spelled out in pins, some of which is lost but enough pins remain to discern the date of 1901 (and one could certainly add a few pins to make the year clearer now.) I love the heart shape of it, and the vine-like white stitching around the perimeter and on the hanging loop. Quite substantial too, weighing a little over 6 ounces.

5" t not including hanging loop x 3 5/8" w. Good condition, quite sturdy, with surface wear to the nap of the velvet, which I personally like the looks of.