18th Century "Deposite No. 1" Painted Wood Panel

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A simple, very old thing, to me just completely gorgeous. I know from a little research that "deposite" is an archaic form of the word deposit, but I have had a bit of a hard time understanding in what all manners it was used--I believe used in relation to financial deposits, for sure, but I am not sure whether also relating to mail, for example. There are two holes along one edge of the panel showing that it was hinged to something else--I would guess it was likely the lid of a box. In any case, this wonderful mustard yellow painted lettering against dark green paint is all the better in person, the patina on this well over 200 year surface spectacular, and I love the idea of a "Deposite No.1" in all of its possible connotations. Yum.

10 1/2" x 5" x 1 1/2" and in beautifully aged condition, structurally super sound with no splits or cracks.