18th C. Hand-blown Emerald Green Glass Unguentarium-esque Phial

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I don't buy much glass, and when I do it is almost always from a dealer I love in New Hampshire, who knows his glass and likes early glass, as I do. He dated this piece to the 18th century, which I trust and which a little comparative research certainly seems to bear out, though I'm not sure its place of origin. For me its all about the color, a very rich emerald green, and the ungeuentarium type form (long neck, bulbous bottom, splayed lip; one of the earliest glass blown shapes, most associated with ancient Roman glass where used for perfumes and oils, and often referred to as "tear vessels" as they were most often found in tombs.) While not crusty-irridescent like some Roman glass, its got a similar feeling to me. seeming as if custom made to hold a magical potion or a few precious drops from the fountain of youth!

3 3/8 t x 1 7/16” d ; 1 1/2 across at lip. Very good condition. Perhaps a very old chip to the outer lip, now much softened and feeling as if native to it.