SOLD 1895 Gold Painted Carved Whimsy with Letters, Numbers and More, On Stilts!

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Every inch of this carved whimsy is covered--with letters, stars, the year 1895, and more. I believe they all together likely tell a story about the person who carved it, the letters not just being monograms but also speaking to where they were born or lived or were educated, etc. The number 60 appears, too, perhaps indicating the age of the carver--or, it is possible that whole thing commemorates the life of someone who has passed, as I believe was sometimes done with these. I think it possible that the stilts, which are steel I believe and painted the same gold, were a later addition, added to allow the whimsy to stand, but I'm not certain; I rather like that the give the whole think the feel of a rocket about to launch into the heavens!

5 7/8" t x 2 1/4" w including legs; carving itself is about 1" wide and deep. Very good condition.