1894 Portrait Photo in Flower Painted Envelope Frame

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After finding an antique photo of a boy set within/framed by a crayon colored envelope several weeks ago, I was excited to find this one--another wonderful example of child crafted make-do creativity I'd say, lending a charming extra layer of character to an already character-full photographic portrait.  Below the photo, in child's hand, is written the name of the subject, Mr. J.A. Iasigi it looks to me, and the year 1894. A little searching turns up Turkish Consul Joseph Iasigi of Boston, who I believe was the relative, possibly the grandfather, of the J.A. Iasigi pictured, though the family tree gets complicated. (As a side note, The Turkish Consul's daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, married anatomist Thomas Dwight, and physician and "Father of American tennis" James Dwight respectively.) One could certain dig more to figure it out definitely, but I'm 99% certain our young man here was of that family--and what a handsome and dapper looking young man he was! The back of the envelop with tape cross at center is pretty great looking too.

4 3/4" X 3 5/8". Overall good antique condition, with general wear and toning, and a small loss to bottom left corner.