1879-1892 Tall Marbled Ledger, Mostly Blank But with Marvelously Detailed Accounting

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I purchased this one because of the beautiful marbled covers, leather spine, tall and very narrow size, and because it is full of mostly blank pages just waiting to be used. However, once I began reading through the 20 or so pages that are filled, I realized it is quite an excellent one in that regard too. The accounting is very neatly divided in to categories: Grain, Farm Tools, Provisions, Household Goods, Livestock, Hired Help, and care of "Grandfather Clough", too (lots of tea, honey and doctor's visits!) There is also an 1880 list of types of fruit trees and their costs. Reading through these lists tells one an incredible amount about the life and estate of its keeper, and about the times more broadly, and seems to leave absolutely nothing unaccounted for! Really quite a thing, which I find completely engrossing! 

16 1/2" t x 7" w x 1 3/16" thick and in good condition. 20 or so pages filled at the front and one at that back, otherwise about 400 clean, blank ledger pages. Some wear to the spine and light wear to the covers. My photos of the pages of writing are not very good; it varies a bit in darkness but all is readable.