Evocative 1877 Plaster Portrait Mold of Bearded Gentleman

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I think I'd be way less interested in the cast plaster portraits created from this than I am in the mold itself, which I find super evocative and a bit haunting too, with all of its patina now making it feel a bit like a momento mori. I don't know who this man was, but there is a date of 1877 carved into the back. Around the perimeter is an old iron wire holding it together--one assumes added at the time it cracked along his shoulder--with a beautiful twist along one long side to keep it tight. I've got it as I found it, with a plate hanger on its back, which works just right for hanging it on the wall.

7 3/4" t x 5 7/8" w x 11/16" d not including hanger. Crack as evident but stable and not especially delicate.