1862 Schoolgirl Cut Paper and Hair Work Momento with Hearts Everywhere

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I just listed five more pages of cut paper and hair work from about 140 years ago, but this single example I think is so special I wanted to list it individually. I would guess all of them came from one album, kept by a young girl, with one example noting the year: 1862. Kind of amazing how well they endured from the Civil War era until now, with the hair looking as if it might have been clipped yesterday! This larger one, with hearts everywhere and these four wonderfully braided hair samples, each of a different color and together forming a sort of wreath, is, I think, simply fantastic.

Page size is about 5 1/2" x 3 5/8".  The piece is adhered to sky blue paper, with the hair secured with tiny white stitches. Very good antique condition, with the hair tightly secured, just minor aging and a little toning, especially at lower right, to the cut paper.