1860s Hand-painted Paper Doll with Blue and Gold Dress

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I know from the seller that this paper doll dates to the 1860s, and while I've bought and sold some paper dolls at this point, I think she's my favorite I've had, in good part for her wonderful hand-painted face, but also for the string that carefully secures her pantaloons to her body, and for the pencil-drawn lace at the bottom of their legs--and also for this blue and gold printed dress, cut from some sort of wrapping paper I would guess. The doll comes out from the dress, which was somewhat regretfully taped to a backing card, which I'm a but wary to try to remove it from for fear of tearing. But assuming one would like to frame her up, no problem at all. (And I do think, with a bit of care, the dress could be removed from the backing.) The inside of the dress is signed Charlotte, 12 years old.

5 7/16" t x 2 3/4" w (dress). Very good condition. Backing card is bright white and very clean. As noted above, dress but not doll is taped to a piece of white cardstock.