C. 1850s-70s French No Indices, Stencil Colored Playing Cards, Complete 52 Deck

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It's been a while since I found a great deck of antique playing cards, so was glad to discover these  on a loop through New Hampshire the other day. This is a complete 52 card deck, unmarked, but based on the style and names on the face cards I know they are French, and I believe produced by Grimaud sometime between 1855-1875. With square corners, once can see that the trimming (these would have been cut from a large sheet) is a bit irregular, and that the suits run in one direction only, while the royals face both directions. The color was applied by stencil, with some nice bleeding around the edges of the trumps, and a sort of waxed surface to the cards, which are a little smaller than modern playing cards. Excellent condition, and a pretty star pattern on the backs too. Really a lovely deck.

Cards measure 3 5/16" x 2 1/8”. Complete deck of 52. Excellent condition, no curling or stains.