1848 Pennsylvania Folk Art Roses on Vine Scrapbook Page Watercolor

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I find this Fraktur type watercolor an extremely lovely thing, with its pale pink roses looking a bit like puffs of popcorn amid this graceful and profuse sprawl of green leaves and thorns and buds. Made all the better by the E.B.V monogram at the base of the stem, rendered in graphite against a pale yellow banner, with little stars between each letter. The page clearly came from E.B.V's scrapbook, with a handwritten poem (Remembrance) dated 1848, a reward of merit (looks like her first name was Elizabeth) and a clipped poem pasted on the reverse side of the page. "Until our star shall shine upon our meeting; Wherever I go, whatever the strange world's greeting, I will remember thee."

10 1/2" x 7 5/16". Plenty of wear around the edges, scattered stains and toning, and old fold lines, all of which, in my opinion, just make it better.