Nicely Naive 1827 Schoolgirl Sampler Signed H.G

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I am not a great expert on samplers, and will leave the very fine examples to those who are; it is the more naive and personally expressive examples that attract me, like this one. Dated 1827, I love it for the irregularity of the letters (that wide "V" and "N"s, the curvy "Z", and the "5" that is barely there), and for the mish most of imagery. scattered around. I assume H.G are the initials of its maker, but at the end of the alphabet are also listed what I guess are the initials of several other members of her family: KG, SG (twice) and NG, and there is also what looks like an SG at lower left, so perhaps a collaboration! To my eye a very sweet one.

11 3/8" x 9 7/8", on linen. Overall good condition, crisp and clear with nice bold color. There are a few scattered holes in the linen as documented. Unframed.