1822 Pluma H. Ralph Much Aged But Very Tender Alphabet Sampler

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As you probably probably know by now, my inclinations lean toward rescuing and retrieving things that might not otherwise be readily appreciated, as might be said for this sampler, of a Pluma H. Ralph, dated March 22, 1822, just about exactly 200 year ago. It was in part the year of its making that felt significant to me, as if calling across time to be re-considered at this moment, and also her name, calling to mind peacocks and plums, which also seems ripe for becoming common once again! In addition to the alphabet, including a wonderful butterfly-like upper case "X", there are two lines of text that despite my best efforts I cannot entirely decipher, but in which English and I believe German seem to commingle, and then what looks like "aet" rather than "age" before 13. Finally, this form at lower right, looking rather like a pie! Plus holes at the upper corners and fading and staining all over, which, though certainly detracting for most people, I find pretty moving and beautiful. 

13 1/8" x 9 5/8" and despite the holes and staining, in quite stable, not fragile condition. Personally, I would pin this straight to the wall.