ON HOLD 1810-1849 British Chemist/Medic's Notebook Full of Far Ranging Recipes

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So much fun finding and spending some time with this one, started in 1810 by a Giles Case and continued by Robert Case, his son one assumes, with a second date of 1849. These Cases appear to have lived on Buckham Farm, on the outskirts of Beaminster in Dorset, England, and seem to have been trained to some extent in chemistry and medicine, too--but what makes this especially interesting reading is the far-ranging variety of instructions and recipes included.

My personal favorites include "exploding bubbles," "snowballs to keep" (indeed, this is instructions for how to preserve a snowball into the summer months), and the old favorite "artificial volcano." Amid recipes for salves and remedies of many sorts (rot in sheep's foot, for example) are also recipes for many colors of ink, changing the color of fire, and making chimney ornaments. Also calico printing, potato tart, fly powder, hair dye, jujubes, sauces of various sorts, wood stains, corn plaster, toothpaste, on and on. Pretty rare to find an early one like this, which is informational--as well as amusing--on many levels. And a beautiful object, too, made of hide, with hand-marbled paper under the front flap, which latches, and pockets at either end. 

6 "x 4 1/8", 40 pages (laid paper) filled front and back plus a few papers stuck inside. Excellent condition, ink dark and clear.