1800s Ames Mfg Co Scabbard Piece with Engraved Masonic Symbols

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This fabulous thing, hand-etched with an jam-packed array of Freemasonry symbols, would once have been part of the scabbard or sheath for a ceremonial sword, with the rings allowing it to be hung proudly on the wall in between ritual wieldings:)  I don't have much of an interest in swords, but I am sure glad someone salvaged this piece, which now I'd hang from those two rings just as it is. 

The metal piece itself was produced by the Ames Manufacturing Co. in Chicopee Mass., which was a manufacturer of swords, tools and cutlery and a major provider of side arms, swords, light artillery, and heavy ordnance for the Union in the Civil War. As its sword manufacturing business was formally separated into an independent company in 1881, I believe this piece was made prior to that year.

4 5/8" x 1 1/4" across (3 1/2" across including rings); 9/16" d. Good overall condition, with some aging to the surface as pictured and a bit of bending to the tab on one side at the very bottom.