1772 Alphabet Sampler on Linen with Hearts and Crowns

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There is a bit of loss the the needlepoint embroidery on this antique sampler, but my goodness, it dates from 1772! I love to have anything in my hands that was made before the American Revolution, and though not every letter and number is easy to read, the overall color is very good and still really pops, and it is quite a nicely sized sampler, too.  I especially love the hearts in the bottom corners and crowns just above them, and then what looks to be a pair of birds on the branches of a tree in between. 

Sold in the frame I found it in, which is nothing special but does the job. Framed: 16" t x 8 1/2" w. Losses as documented but overall good condition, clean and bright and with no significant holes in the linen itself.