Beautiful 19th C. Blown, Molded Amber Glass Bottle with Profusion of Air Bubbles

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I'm no bottle aficionado, but occasionally I come across one that feels really special and I can't resist, as is the case with this amber one, I believe late 19th c. (c. 1890s is my guess) due to it being marked with the number 6 (or 9) on the underside, which from what I understand wasn't common before then. This would have been handblown into a mold, and it looks to me that the lip was hand-formed (so pre 1900.) I love the color and the fantastic profusion of air bubbles in the glass. Plus the remnants of what I believe is nickel plating on the neck. Lovely.

7 5/8" t x 2 1/8" d and in very good condition, clean, no chips or other issues.