Lovely Antique Six Sided Litho Block Puzzle in Original Box, with Complete Set of Prints

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I keep an eye out for these, but only the early ones, and this is an extra nice one (c. 1870s or so I believe), especially for the lovely original latching box it is housed in, and for including a complete set of prints showing the completed images for five of the sides, with the sixth on the face of the box. Horses appear in all but one—either out on a hunt or pulling a carriage or on a trek through the countryside, with dogs and sheep and chickens and a fox held overhead as well. A glass of ale at the window of a tavern and a sailing toy boat too. In addition to the aesthetics of them, part of what I love about these puzzles is that they require some real problem solving to put together, especially if one puts away the pictures when trying! A lovely example, of a manageable scale!

Box measures 6 5/8” x 5 1/16” x 1 7/8” t.  Cubes measure 1 3/8” cubed. A little minor rippling to the paper, a bit of loss/separation where the face of the box meets the edge on one side, and one small ding to the wood on the face of the box but still looks great and holding together fine. Latch on front of the box closes and holds well. Four of six sides shown. *I have one block out of place in some of the photos!*