Sweet Old Hand-carved Pencil Box with Wound String and Initials All Over

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This May was for me a Brimfield of gathering many little things--which, if not the most profitable things to buy and sell, are of course the things that usually give me the most pleasure. This sweet old pencil box is a perfect example, humble as can be, but teeming with love and life and history. Hand-carved, much worn, with names and monograms carved/penciled into top and bottom, and then with this striped string threaded and wound around one end of the slide lid--seeming perhaps a make do repair to shore up a split, but it's a bit hard to tell for sure. Whatever the case, a satisfying thing, with tiny notches carved into the sides of the lid in order to be able to pull that string tight. Very sweet.

7 1/2" l x 1 3/8" w x 7/8" t, sound and stable. The slide lid fits tight but slides out all the way with just a little pressue. As found, with red marking pencil inside.