Milton Bradley Froebel Kindergarten Blocks: Gift 5, c. 1900, 25 Block Set

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I've been lucky enough to find a few sets of these wonderful antique Froebel "Gift" Blocks (all from one seller at a shop of frequent, who seems to be doling them out one by one) but this is a larger "Gift 5" set of 25 square blocks, produced by Milton Bradley c. 1900. 

I'm always super excited to find them--in part because they are great looking blocks sets, but especially because of their historical significance and rareness. (I can't find any other sets out there more sale; mostly just photos of sets in museum c collections!) There is a terrific website dedicated entirely to these - which I've lifted to the following text, written by Scott Boltman:

When Friedrich Froebel established the first system for educating young children, he created a series of playthings to provide children with focussed educational experiences. Up until that time, toys were intended for amusement and education was provided through books and instruction. Froebel's Kindergarten used play as its engine and his Spielgaben ("play gifts") were the fuel. During his lifetime he codified the series of Froebel Gifts up through Gift 6. After his death in 1852, his followers extended the series of educational toys by numbering other materials used in his school.

Froebel Gifts 2 through 6 (aka "the Building Gifts") are wood blocks in various shapes and quantities. Known most commonly as Froebel Blocks, these toys were made famous in the USA by the Milton Bradley Company. Milton Bradley himself was a strong advocate of the Froebel method. Josef Albers, Charles Eames, Buckminster Fuller, Johannes Itten, Paul Klee and Frank Lloyd Wright are famous examples of children educated with the Froebel materials.

This set has its original label, and contains 25 one inch cubes. All are in great antique condition, with just some staining to the label and loss to its upper right corner. 

Box measures 3 13/16" wide and deep, 3 5/8" t. Blocks are 1" cubed.