Flying Time (Stopped), Old Pocket Watch with Graphite and Watercolor Plane

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This pocket watch is not in working order (though one can move the dials to whatever time one wishes), and I rather like it that way, undermining the capacity for time to fly! I don't know the story behind how this came to me--it does seem there were some pocket watches made with planes on their faces, including honoring Lindbergh's flight from New York City to Paris, and perhaps this one was drawn in longing to have one of those! Whatever the case, a sweet and nicely self-contained thing. 

I forgot to take exact measurements but average pocket watch size, approx 2 1/4" in diameter. I assume it could be repaired if desired, but I'd consider it just more of an object and hang it on the wall. Overall good shape, with a little aging to the paper of the face, under glass.