Beautiful Early 19th Century Treen Sand Glass Timer - Approx. 4 Minutes

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Another, to my eye, perfect object, and I swear I could pass a whole day just watching the sand pass from one end of the glass bulb to the other. C. 1820s or so British I believe, with beautifully turned fruitwood ends, and recesses on the interior that cradle the free floating glass. Pretty rare to find (rather amazing for the glass to have endured some 200 years, really), some of these had ornately turned posts, but I really love the simplicity of the three posts on this one, with its clean lines in perfect contrast with the perfectly imperfect curves of the glass. And the sand is a wonderful warm reddish brown. Really lovely.

3 1/8" tall x 1 3/4" in diameter. Overall great condition. There is one rough spot along one edge of one end--minor and I don't think detracting. There is a bit of dust/soot on the glass, which I have not cleaned but it appears it will easily come off. It runs about 4 minutes--I believe it was likely made as an egg timer, but I've also learned these were sometimes used to time workers' breaks!