Antique Primitive Hand-carved Double Wheat Sheaf Monogrammed Butter Mold

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For a long time I never paid much attention to carved butter molds, cookie molds, etc. but now that I've started looking more closely at them, I'm finding a whole new realm of beautiful, and ofter very singular, carved wooden objects to admire and enjoy, this one a case in point. The wheat sheaf was certainly a common motif for butter molds, but this beautiful antique double sheaf example is unusual for showing one pointing one way and one the other, and of course what I especially love is the incorporation of monograms into both designs, AH on one side and ASH on the other. Plus, the initials ASH make me think of 'ashes to ashes' and so of the cycles of life, of planting and reaping, of the years and generations passed since these initials were carved. And the carving of the wheat itself is beautifully primitive and strong and to my eye very tender, deeply enhanced by the gorgeous dry wood patina on this.

4 7/8" l x 3" t x 5/8" d and in very good, antique condition. Photographed in two different light conditions to try to give a best sense.