Frowning Girl with Spaniel, Antique Tintype, Framed as Found

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The first photo here shows this tintype framed exactly as I found it--with the left corner of the tintype stuck in front of, rather than behind, the paper mat of the frame. I really like the effect, lending a different sort of dynamism to the photo, and with the shape formed evocative of a raindrop or teardrop, perhaps. (Of course one can do what one wishes with it; it will slide in fine behind the mat to be framed with an oval.) Great image I think, whatever the case, with a wonderfully longing expression on the face of the spaniel, and a very satisfied one on the face of the little girl--as if she's just eaten her dinner but the dog is still waiting for his! 

Tintype: 5" x 3 3/8". Frame: 7" x 5". Trimmed from a half plate tintype I believe. A bit of craquelure to the surface of the tintype and some rusting/loss along the bottom edge.