Antique Kindergarten Double Sided Paper Cuts, SET ONE, Sold Individually

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These four (each double sided) antique kindergarten cut paper works are from a larger bunch I purchased this weekend, each handpicked for its beauty, and I do believe each one is really as good as the next. I've grouped them into sets of four for ease of navigating and ordering , but each one is offered individually (price is per piece.) Photos show one side of each of this four, and then the flip side of the same four, followed by individual photos of each piece, labeled A-D, side one and side two (front and back).

Cut paper works like this were part of Froebel's kindergarten program, representing "Gift 13"--and these particular pieces were clearly made with Froebel proscribed "cutting papers," which were produced in the U.S. by Milton Bradley among others. The learning focus of cut paper works was about the transformation of materials, and the project here was to use all of the pieces from the paper square from which they were cut to create the design; nothing wasted. I find the results just about as aesthetically satisfying as anything else, and these pieces representing a really fine set of examples. 

Each piece measures approx. 9" x 9", cut paper mounted to cream colored light weight card, and all are in very good condition. I believe these all date to the late 19th/very early 20th century and were surely done by a kindergarten teacher as they are so finely done.  My photos showing the grids are composite images, with variation in color of the card mostly due to the variability of my photography not variation among them! A million times more lovely in person.

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Please add one or more to your cart and indicate in notes fields at checkout the LETTer (A-D) of the one/s you want.