Elizabeth Warwick, Age 18, 1859 Victorian Mourning Card Framed on Black Silk

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It seemed all about 1859 for me this week, as I found both this mourning card and the 1859 hat box on the same day, in the same spot in Maine, which almost made me wonder whether Miss Elizabeth Warwick made the latter on her death bed. Just a beautiful example of one of these I think, with weeping trees and weeping women and an hourglass with wings to either side of the engraved text, with poem speaking of the flower being transplanted, the sunshine of heavens her clime. Honored with a perfect treatment--one might guess by a descendant--mounted on black silk in a nice gold over gesso frame. 

Card 7 1/8 x 5 1/2. Framed 11 1/8 x 12. Excellent condition, and wired on back for hanging.