Vintage Salesman Sample Keychains Display on Sky Blue Board

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I've come to think of what drives my attraction to many things as object empathy, and this salesman sample--featuring 19 metal key chains, tops glued down, chains just dangling, a few with no chains at all, and the 20th spot empty--provokes a lot of empathy! Feels a bit lonely and forlorn to me, in a poignant way, and good as a symbolic/metaphorical object too--no keys, access denied, lots of void! And with the one gold toned chain jumping out as if to announce itself as the golden ticket of sorts. Perfect against this blue, suggesting the big skies of the open road. I love this thing.

19 1/8 x 7 1/4, metal chains glued to sky blue cardboard, printed simply "sample" on front. General wear and some scattered stains but overall pretty good vintage condition, all chains very well adhered.  Mid 20th c. I believe.