Antique Slate with Chalk Drawings, Doublesided

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I personally find this quite beautiful, and the chalk drawings on both sides of the slate--which I believe are quite old--feel extra special to me for having endured. The star-like drawing on one side makes me think of drums and targets and shields and dream-catchers, and the other looks a bit like a Brazilian flag turned on its side--or,  horizontally, a bit like an all seeing eye! There once was yarn threaded through the holes in the slate, to make it a "silent" one, preventing it from slapping against one's school desk and making noise, a few remnants of which remain. As long as one does not do much touching of them, I believe the drawings should endure for many years to come.

13 5/8" x 9 3/4".  There is a crack in the slate itself, as evident, but it is tightly held in the wood frame and very stable.