Early 20th Century Dutch School Sampler with Seam and Button Work

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Yes, antique needlepoint samplers are marvelous, but I've really fallen in love with humbler school work samplers of like this one, which is early 1900s Dutch, and purchased from a seller in the Netherlands. These to me have the feel of minimalist drawings or paintings--very subtle, and all about line and materiality, with such an immediacy that I'd want to pin it straight on the wall from the top two corners and just let it hang loose. Crisp white linen with red thread stitching, it shows various seam work and button work, and I just love the dynamic created by empty button holes and unhooked hooks. As good front the "front" as the "back" and also I think great shown partially folded, as pictured in a few of the photos.

Very good condition, with a little very very minor staining (even more subtle than in photos), which I think is all to the good. 31 5/8" x 13 1/2".