Clara's Beautiful 19th C. School Slate with Corner Mends

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As with early primers, I have a weakness for early school slates, especially lovingly mended ones with names carved into them. And as with primers, I do resist most, but this--though photos do no justice to its presence or patina--is a particularly beautiful one. The grooves from the wire corner mends are deep, meaning Clara, one presumes, continued to use it for a good many years following the repairs. The wood of the frame is worn smooth, with old grooves carved down the sides, too. A very tender thing, with many more years of use in it, too.

11 5/16 x 8 1/16 x 3/8 and in good, stable and sound condition, with frame not at all wobbly. One small loss to the slate at lower corner, no matter. Jointed corners, held together with carved wooden pegs at the corners not held by wire.