Rare Antique Amana Society Wool Flannel Fast Black Twills Salesman Sample Board

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A very rare one to find--a sampler of wool flannel textile samples from the Amana Society (1867-1932), Amana, Iowa, early 20th c. I believe. Manufacturing textiles for sale was a significant source of income for the religious community, which this sample board, with handwritten notations ("27 Inch Fast Black Twills"; then each sample numbered) embodies. 

From the website of the Hamilton College Library, which holds a collection of archival materials relating the Amana Society: The Amana Society was founded as the Community of True Inspiration-- a Pietist sect that began in south central Germany in 1714. Like the Shakers, they were influenced by the "French Prophets"--protestant refugees who fled southern France around 1700-- and immigrated to the United States from Germany beginning in 1843. They were resident first at Ebenezer, New York (just south of Buffalo), and ultimately settled at Amana, Iowa, beginning in 1855, living communally in a religious environment, working the land for farming and building industries – woolen mills, cabinet shops, meat shops, bakeries and others. Each member contributed a particular skill and worked for the common good of the community. They also embraced new technology and obtained a number of patents for innovations in their industries and mills.Although they abandoned communal living in 1932, the religious practice of the Inspirationists remains vital today. (Photos and printed matter in the Hamilton collection here.

17 3/4" x 9 3/4" framed, as found, in an inexpensive contemporary frame which I think suits it fine but from which it is easily removed if desired.  Paper mounted to board I believe, with fabric samples adhered, gold printed text with ink writing. Some horizontal cracking to the surface of the paper as evident and detailed. Fabric in very good condition.