Super Chunky Triple Opening Hand-built Pottery Vase with Drippy Glazing

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I really love this thing, which weighs a ton, and which I'd definitely think of more as a sculpture than a vase, though it could make for some pretty creative and dramatic arrangements. I love that the central opening faces in the opposite direction than the two on either side, and think its slumpy, tiered form, amplified by the earthy, drippy glazing is just terrific. About as a visceral as a vase could be. 

11 3/8" t x 8" w x 4" d.  Mid-century I believe, and unsigned as far as I can tell.  There is a hairline crack that runs partway it nearish the bottom, but appears just to be on the surface; it holds water fine. Otherwise, great vintage condition, with no chips that I can see.