Large Expressively Carved Cat, Presumed Carribean

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Perhaps no better subject for a folk carving than a cat, as there are so many different cat aspects to capture. This carving I believe is likely Haitian or Cuban, given the nature of the wood and collection it came from. The diagonal lines carved into the eyes make it feel especially as if staring straight at, and into, one's soul, and enhances its steadfast seeming nature--a cat not to be moved, also a bit owl-like in its compactly perched stoicism. 

 6 7/8" t x 5 1/4" w x 2 7/8"d. Good vintage condition, c. 1970s or so, I believe, with one split to the surface of the wood around the back of the right ear, pretty minor and not visible from the front. Large presence, solid and substantial, more a sculpture than a carving.