Fun, Rare, The Pastime Digest Vol. 4, c. 1940s Salvation Army Activities Book

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I love this thing, which I found at the flea market this weekend, and have since searched for other copies or even mention of, to no avail. Manufactured and distributed by Walcutt-Kelly Co, NYC, I would guess it was a Salvation Army giveaway for kids, and I would think dates to the 1940s or so based on the content, particularly. The cover is silkscreened, the design throughout it great, and I  especially love the punch out puzzles at either end, one making a Red Cross, the other a V for Victory. And then great puzzles to solve and games to play, including knowing what IOOF, KP and WPA stand for, and "A Paneful Puzzle" relating to partially obscuring the window of an artist in Greenwich Village in order to create proper light! Really great.

7 1/16" x 5 13/16"; 26 pages plus cover. Answers/solutions to puzzles at the back of the booklet. Very good condition, with minor wear to front and back covers. Inside pages completely clean.