Awesome Old Red Cast Iron FIRE Box

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I love the look of this thing so much, its weighing 22 pounds did nothing to deter me! There was surely one a fire alarm mounted inside, now long gone, the wires of which would have been pulled done through a hole in the bottom. I think it is a pretty old one, maybe 1920s or 30s, but all of the ones I can find other there are marked one way or another and this one is not. On the inside of the door is the number 502, which looks to have been scratched in, and which I'd guess corresponded to a fire station. Great color and surface, great numbers across the front, and the door opens easily and closes tight. Great in a painting studio filled with flammables, or on the shelf storing all of the candles and matches in the house, or whatever!

10" t x 8 3/4" w x 7 5/8" d (including handle) and in good condition, with some paint loss around the edges and on the handle, to the good I think. Holes in the back for wall mounting should one be so inclined.