Antique Double-sided Painted DENT / REMOVED Sign on Pine Plank

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There are lots of things I love about this old sign, which shows much better in person, including for the fact that the black painted letters are raised in slight relief.  It appears to have been cut down on the right end from a larger sign... when I first saw it I assumed the "DENT" once read DENTIST, and may have, but the "REMOVED" on the reverse side suggests it could have be the sign if a car repair shop, and perhaps DENT was just DENTS. I of course like the idea that the item being removed may have been teeth! In any case, I love that it holds both possibilities, and perhaps others too, and also just the words themselves, especially as appearing on a somewhat battered old sign. Oh, the fun of language.

21 7/16" x 7 3/4" x 3/4". Plenty of wear, with some spattered white paint on both sides and some loss to the "R" of Removed. Structurally very sound and sturdy, solid pine I believe.