Antique 8 Inch Bentwood Pantry Box with Original Dry Wood Patina

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I’m not a connoisseur of antique pantry boxes, but I do look at them a lot, and occasionally one calls to me—and I try to listen if the price tag is not prohibitive, which it most of the time is! This one, 19th century New England I believe, I like for the bleed of the iron nails down the front, and for the warm dry wood patina all over. Also there is what looks to me like a drawing on the underside of the lid, which, though I could be seeing things, looks to me both like a face and like a little turtle coming to the end of a long path! 

8 1/16” in diameter x 3 3/4” t. It’s missing one nail at the very bottom of the row, has one tiny loss to the edge of the lid and a tiny loss to the wood of the base at one edge, and shows some staining to the interior. Sturdy and sound and could be used for holding all sorts of things. The lid fits perfectly and sits flush and is easily removed. No splits.