Striking Early, Large, Hand-Carved Printing Block with Heart, Beds, Flowers

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I've seen some early carved print blocks, but I don't think ever one as large as this, or one I loved nearly as much! My guess is that it was used to print directly on the wall in a home though perhaps to make wall paper--whatever the case it would have required some strength and determination to use, as it's fairly cumbersome and heavy. The heart at top framed with a ring of posts just kills me (which together with the overall shape makes this feel like a shield fortified by love!) and then this pair of outward-facing birds at either side of the bottom with crescent moons at their tails. And partial flowers at the top corners do indicate that it was made to use in repeat--I would have loved to see the results! 

14 5/8" t x 10 7/8" w x 2 3/4" thick. The relief areas are green from the paint that was used for printing with it long ago. It appears to have been constructed of three layers of wood, with carved out semi-circles on the back that would have been used for gripping it. Tons of fat nails all over the backside too. Some surface splitting on the face and back, which I don't think detract a bit--hung on the wall, it's really striking. I would think mid-late 19th century. Wired on the back for hanging.