Stunning 1940s Matchstick and Wood Inlay Tramp Art Tray

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Since falling in love with a large trivet made of matchsticks at an estate sale in Kansas City, I have been keeping a keen eye out for other tramp art treasures. Unfortunately, it is mostly clunky vessels made of popsicle sticks that one most often comes across! So I was delighted to find this striking piece at an antique shop in Maine: a wooden tray with face constructed of matchsticks and inlaid wood, then covered with a pane of glass which both protects the design and renders it super functional. Made in the 1940s, I think it is absolutely stunning, and would make for a spectacular cocktail service.

The tray measures 19"long by 11" wide by 2.25" tall. There is a bit of dust caught in one corner underneath the glass and some dings to the wood on the perimeter of the tray but it is is very good overall condition.