Small Acoma Pueblo New Mexico Dark Brown and White Pottery Bowl

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This is a gorgeous little Acoma Pueblo Native American bowl from New Mexico, circa 1940s, I believe. I've really fallen in love with the relatively simple but dynamic surface decoration on traditional Acoma pottery, which this bowl perfectly exemplifies in the interplay of solid forms, stripes, and negative space--made all the better by the contrasting terra-cotta colored rim. Really lovely. 

A repair of a small break along the lip was made to this bowl at some point, with a fine crack extending down part of the side, and there are a couple of other tiny chips around the rim--all as documented in photos. I really don't think these detract but rather contribute to its wonderful patina!

2 7/8" across at widest; 2 1/4" across at lip; 2 1/4" tall.