Sapolin Gold Leaf Kit in Dome Lidded Canister

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This Sapolin Gold Leaf Kit in its original wonderful turned wooden canister with dome lid, produced by Gerstendorfer Bros New York, dates I believe to the late 1800s. Around this time, gilding, or Japanning, became a popular means of enhancing household furnishings, such as the rims of pottery and porcelain, picture frames, and furniture. The kit consists of a bottle of gold paint (mostly empty and no longer usable), a small brush, a wooden stick, the original instruction booklet (a great historic document, and fun read!), which includes the promise that Sapolin delivers "more newness, more beauty, more pleasure at smaller cost than you ever thought possible!" 

The box, into which all of the components neatly fit, measures 4 1/2" tall x 1 7/8" in diameter. Very good vintage condition, with one tear and a bit of fading to the label.