Old Painted Slide Top Box with Mountain, Trees, and Bunch of 19th C. Letters Inside

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The mountain dotted with trees and crescent moon in blue sky painted on one side of it is what drew me to this old box, but the paint on the rest of it, and especially the stack of handwritten correspondence inside dating back to the 1850s, sealed the deal! 

More about the letters below, but first the box, I'd guess painted early 1900s so. The mountain and trees are a bit dark, clearly meant to be a moonlight view, but are very readable, as is a second mountain view on one short side. On the opposite long side is a wash of blue that might be the ocean or a first attempt at trees that was painted over or just dabs of blue paint on a blue field--but whatever the case, radiant and beautiful!

I must admit I haven't read through all the letters, but it seems right to keep them in this box as surely there is a story (many stories, really!) to be unpacked through and among them. Most date to the 1850s-70s and a couple appear to be written in the same (beautiful and precise) hand. Salutations range from Dear Child, to Respected Cousin, to Dear Mrs. Webb, so I am not entirely sure if or how they are all connected, but there is a lot to read, and lots of news and emotion and juicy bits in them! 

Box measures 8 3/4" l x 4 3/4" w x 4 1/16" t and in good, sturdy and sound condition. Some paint loss on the slide lid, which opens easily and closes tight. All correspondence in photos included.