NO, c. 1960s Industrial Orange Steel Channel Sign Letters

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I came across these this week in New Hampshire, along with a few other misc. letters of the same type, but the N & O seemed very much the right ones to pluck! Useful to have a commanding and definitive "NO" at hand I think, apt hung on the wall in all sorts of contexts, and with the faces of the letters aged to the most excellent color of Creamsicle.  1960s I believe, with a UL Certified Electric Sign sticker on each. With a few pieces of mounting hardware still on them as shown, but could be hung just from nails on the wall in various ways.

Each @ 9 3/8” tall x 12 7/8” w (measured on the square) x 3 1/8” d. Sold as a pair. The "N" shows some misshaping/tearing to the steel along the short side top edge, minimally visible when hung on the wall (and can be hung flipped the other way too so that is on the bottom.)