Marvelous Antique Lumberjack (or Jill?) with One Nail Eye and Painted Embellishment

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A charmer of an old folk art limberjack or dancing doll, who does look to once have had arms as well, but, as is, reads as if they might be folded across the chest, giving some attitude. (Most likely though, it seems to me, this limberjack is meant to be female.)  I’m sure s/he once had a second nail eye as well, but with only one remaining appears to be giving a somewhat defiant side glance! Wonderful spread of blue painted dots across the upper chest, and blue on the lower legs and boots as well, and a great, deeply carved head of hair all the way that continues around the back. Quite an old one, with all of the pins at the joints holding tight, such that if one attached a wire handle to the hook on the backside s/he would dance with great alacrity! Perfect for hanging, or will sit up on its own if positioned on a block of some sort—and also balances straight upright in a split! 

11” x 2 1/4” x 1 1/4 d and in very sound condition with a terrific patina.