Man with Hidden Eyes in Silvery Forest, Stunning 4 x 6 Snapshot

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This is one of several old photos I purchased yesterday at the Papertown show in Boxborough, MA--this and a few others long held in the personal collection of a dealer after my own heart. And this is just a stunner I think, silvery and with fantastic tonal richness and detail to the dense matrix of spindly trees and branches. And then this man in black for scale, but also lending interest and curiosity. Upon close inspection it appears as if his eyes were blacked out on the negative (though I think in fact it is the shadow cast by the brim of his hat giving that effect.) The result, at least to my eye, is to make him feel rather like a deer in the woods: as if marked prey, glimpsed through the barrel of a gun. 

6 3/8" x 4 1/8"  and in very good condition, with just a bit of toning along the left edge.