Lovely Mid 19th C. Fold Out Paper Heart "Puzzle Purse" Valentine

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A lovely and rare little thing, delivering layers of happy surprises. "Puzzle purse" type valentines were first made in the 18th century by hand (oh how nice to find one of those) but by the 1840s or so printing advances allowed for the creation of ones like this--which bear a close resemblance to rewards of merit from the same period. There are three layers here inside the hand-colored heart-shaped covers, folding out as four-leaf clovers, with poems printed on each leaf. With a stitch of thread at the point of the heart holding it together, though a bit loosely; I'm thinking to add one fine stitch through the same tiny hole to shore it up before shipping, carefully I promise. 

2 1/2" x 2 1/2" as folded up into heart. Good condition, with general wear, a couple of small tears and scattered light stains/toning spots.  C. 1840s-60s.