Large 1969 Folk Art Painting of Native American Chief, Signed Florence Jones, Lewiston Maine

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I found an obituary of a Harold Earl Jones of Augusta Maine, who I believe was the son of the Mrs. Florence Jones who painted this--he was born in 1927, which suggests that Florence was likely in her 60s or so when she painted this. I would certainly guess that she was self taught, perhaps taking up painting in her later years, and I'm glad she did as I think portrait is terrific. I would guess she (or someone at least) was pretty pleased with it too, framing it up in this heavy, deeply carved wood frame that definitely announces it as a thing to give pride of place on the wall! 

Framed: 27 3/8" x 23 3/8" x 1 3/8" d. Painting (oil on canvas board) measures 18" x 24". All in very good condition.