Horatio Crane Penmanship Notebook, 1816, Boston MA

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One more notebook, this the second I am listing by Horatio Crane (October 26, 1803- February 20, 1894)-- the son Abijah Crane Jr. (August 24, 1777-Mar. 1, 1854), the author of two other notebooks I just listed, who was himself to the son of Abijah Crane (1741-1817), who served a revolutionary soldier of MA and was a member of the Boston Tea Party. Kind of amazing that these have endured, and I really love how the phrases reveal about the times--in this case with the penmanship phrases seeming to reflect the Second Great Awakening, as they are very much concerned with matters of morality: Banish all vain actions. Guard the mind and the hand. Happiness is found in virtue. Goodness is real greatness. Idleness is the ruin of man. Temperance preserves health.Poor are the pleasures of sinners.

7 13/16” x 6 5/8”; 15 pp filled front and back, laid paper. No cover, so the first page ("Resignation" shows age toning. One page in the middle torn out. Otherwise very good condition, clean and clear.